1. How can this survey help prevent cancer?
  2. How secure is my personal information?
  3. Who has access to my email address?
  4. How can I personally benefit from filling out the survey?
  5. How can breast cancer patients benefit from the survey?
  6. What eventually happens to the survey information?
  7. Do you have any suggestions on taking the survey?

How can this survey help prevent cancer?
For the past three decades the "War on Cancer" has been all about screening, diagnosis, treatment and related research with little or no regard for prevention. Cancer is the result of genes acting inappropriately due to environmental factors. Without the environmental information you are only looking at one half of the problem. This survey, using the power of computers and the Internet, is a global attempt to fill that essential gap.

The Human Genome Project has lead the way for scientists to discover the genomic intricacies of our diseases but a Human Environment Project is equally necessary if we are going to prevent the disease. This survey addresses the issues of "real" people with "real" lives and "real" problems in looking for causative agents that are altering our genes.

Can you imagine how powerful the data will become when millions of committed people put their collective minds together to solve this global disease! It is time for cure and prevention to stand as equal partners in the "War on Cancer"!

How secure is my personal information?
The security of your personal health information is not only our highest priority at Iris BioTechnologies; It is the law. The Security Rule of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires that we ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all electronic health information we create, receive, maintain, or transmit.

It also requires us to ensure that technical security measures are in place to protect networks, computers and other electronic devices against any reasonably anticipated threats or hazards of this personal information. Only you or those you designate are able to access this database using your personal password. Your personal information stored in BioWindows™ is considerably more secure than the paper files stored in your physician's office.

For further information about securing your personal medical information visit the Health and Human Services Civil Rights Department web site.

Who has access to my email address?
We only use your email address to communicate with you when there are important updates or relevant information that the survey uncovers. We hate spam too, and will never sell, trade or give your email to anyone, period!

How can I personally benefit from filling out the survey?
There are many personal benefits to filling out the survey. You can think of the survey as the place where you store your medical information. It's safe, user friendly, password protected, accessible anywhere in the world and can be easily updated whenever necessary. In one sense it is insurance without the premiums. If you get sick your medical information is there when you need it regardless of who your medical provider happens to be.

If family members participate in the survey you can begin to build a family medical tree that will benefit members if they become ill. Targeted medical treatment rather than generic treatment with all the side effects becomes possible if you have the appropriate information available.

Finally, drug development will be tailored around individual groups with unique gene profiles and reactions to varying environmental conditions. We are just cracking the door into the new age of personalized medicine and having this type of information at your finger tips will pay big dividends in the future for you and your family for generations to come.

How can breast cancer patients benefit from the survey?
Breast cancer results when genes begin to express themselves abnormally due to personal environmental factors. Without solid information about environmental and genomic factors involved in a disease physicians can only resort to a trial and error approach to treatment.

With increasing information from both this survey and accumulating genetic information from our genomic chips, therapy can be refined to the best treatment with the least side effects for all breast cancer patients. As both databases increase, the information becomes more finely tuned and we will have truly arrived at personalized medicine.

What eventually happens to the survey information?
Social revolutions usually happen right under our noses and we never really see them coming. Personalized medicine is one of those revolutions. This movement is combining the power of several technologies to create a whole new way of treating patients. This survey is part of the revolution and will just keep growing as more and more people input their medical and lifestyle histories.

The medical world we've grown to love and hate cannot sustain itself with our aging population. Preventive medicine and personal responsibility will eventually become the new mantra for the 21st Century.

Do you have any suggestions on taking the survey?

  1. Please take as much time as needed to accurately complete this paperless database.
  2. Carefully and completely respond to each of the questions as they apply to you.
  3. Please make your best educated guess for each question even if you are not sure of the exact date.
  4. You are encouraged to login and revise and/or update information in your personal profile at any time that new information becomes available.
  5. If at any time you feel uncomfortable in answering any of the questions, or choose not to answer any of the questions, you always have the option of not responding.