The BioWindows™ Cancer Analysis and Prevention Project

Iris BioTechnologies has launched BioWindows™ 2.0, a diagnostic and prognostic system that determines the most appropriate therapy based on genomic, family history and extensive lifestyle information for the major diseases affecting the industrialized world. Scientists are providing the genes involved in disease and Iris is providing the technologies to quickly and accurately interpret the genes behaviors.

A major overhaul of medicine is necessary to meet our needs but the system requires more involvement on our part. Disease is a result of the interaction of our genome and the environment that surrounds it - Nature and Nurture. Without good, solid information about your personal environment physicians are less effective in delivering care especially when it comes to the many varieties of cancer. Our technology will deliver the genome but you will need to personally deliver the rest.

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More Information

"Health Passport" is included in BioWindows™ 2.0

Iris BioTechnologies is focused on providing patients, doctors, and clinicians with improved methods of identifying effective treatment solutions. Iris has launched its proprietary BioWindows™ 2.0 to further the progress of personalized and targeted medicine.

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BioWindows FAQ

How can this survey help prevent cancer?

For the past three decades the "War on Cancer" has been all about screening, diagnosis, treatment and related research with little or no regard for prevention. Cancer is the result of genes acting inappropriately ...

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Has a Global Family Tree’s Time Arrived?

In the United States alone there are more than 10 million cancer survivors. One out of two men and one out of three women will have some form of cancer during their lifetime. Cancer is the number one killer of the middle-aged and is the number two killer of children. What's going on!

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