The BioWindows™ Cancer Analysis and Prevention Project 2.0

Iris BioTechnologies has launched BioWindows™, a diagnostic and prognostic system that determines the most appropriate therapy based on genomic, family history and extensive lifestyle information for the major diseases affecting the industrialized world. Scientists are providing the genes involved in disease and Iris is providing the technologies to quickly and accurately interpret the genes behaviors.

A major overhaul of medicine is necessary to meet our needs but the system requires more involvement on our part. Disease is a result of the interaction of our genome and the environment that surrounds it - Nature and Nurture. Without good, solid information about your personal environment physicians are less effective in delivering care especially when it comes to the many varieties of cancer. Our technology will deliver the genome but you will need to personally deliver the rest.

How BioWindows™ Works

BioWindows is a very sophisticated artificial intelligence program that analyzes the genomic information from our nano-biochips. Comparing this information with a central repository of genomic profiles, patient analysis survey profiles and reference data provides appropriate treatment scenarios for a variety of pathological conditions, ailments and diseases. We, as human beings, function best in a wholesome environment and your genes are no different.

All complex diseases are the result of gene-environment interactions over time. What you eat, drink and breathe, your lifestyle and where you live and maybe even how you think and feel impact how your genes do their jobs. By altering our gene expression patterns, environmental factors along with our genetic variability create the individual differences we see in disease susceptibility and prescription drug sensitivity.

When you classify 1000 patients diagnosed with the same disease, breast cancer for example, using the BioWindows™ system, a pattern begins to emerge grouping patients into subsets. The disease stops being generic and becomes more specific. The more patients that are diagnosed using the system the more finely tuned it becomes. Within the subsets you will uncover the most successful therapy with the least side effects - personalized medicine.

Imagine how precise the subsets become when you have a database comprised of 100,000 or 1,000,000 patients. What is even more exciting than a precise cure is that the increasing numbers may start to uncover specific actionable conditions that are interfering with the proper functioning of the genome - personalized prevention!

A real plus is that you don't have to be sick and have used the BioWindows™ system to start filling out the survey. Think of the survey as the place where you store your families' medical information. It's safe and secure, user friendly, password protected, accessible anywhere in the world and can be easily updated whenever necessary. It only requires that you take a little time in the beginning and keep your records up-to-date. It will pay huge dividends in the future for you, your children and grandchildren and beyond.

This ever growing, international database is an opportunity for men and women of all ages to get personally involved in helping to save lives. The data becomes invaluable to physicians and scientists as they search for personalized causes and cures for cancer and many of the other diseases that afflict us.

Thank You. Take the Survey!