Future Products

Iris BioTechnologies intends to closely follow the widespread scientific validation of gene expression profiling while introducing Nano-Biochips as theranostic tools in the clinical environment. Our flexible manufacturing process and chip design allows for rapid development and modification of chip products at a low chip cost. As its clinical database grows, Iris will be able to improve the accuracy of disease classification, add and improve products, and fulfill the promise of using biochips for disease diagnosis and management as well as improved targeted drug development.

Iris is working on gene markers for its comprehensive CancerChip™ and specific markers associated with prostrate, lung, liver, kidney and ovarian cancers. Certain genes associated with schizophrenia, Alzheimer disease, autoimmune system disorders, and metabolic and drug metabolism disorders have also been reviewed. Iris is continuing to work on the selection of newly discovered genes to be included in other products such as the Human Organ Transplant (HOT™) Chip, NeuroChip™, CardioChip™, MetabolicChip™, PrenatalChip™ and the ViralChip™ for human use, as well as specialized chips for veterinary, agricultural, and environmental applications.